Heritage Realty Services LLC

Detroit Land Bank Startup

In its capacity as interim executive director for DLBA, DGI was responsible for all aspects of the start-up.  This included:


  • Established a principal office
  • Established bank accounts/banking arrangements. Established a principal office
  • Prepared a preliminary budget and cash flow projections.
  • Issued an RFQ for accounting services including the development of financial systems for budget monitoring and oversight.
  • Identified staffing requirements.
  • Prepare reports of program activities and outcomes.
  • Worked with property owners in the public and private sectors to indentify properties for transfer to the DLBA.
  • Interfaced with the State and County land bank authorities on the transfer of properties to the DLBA and to coordinate activities.
  • Interfaced with developers, non-profits, community development corporations, businesses and neighborhood residents on their plans and proposals, as directed by the Board.
  • Assisted the Board in Developing a mission statement, goals and objectives, and adopted by-laws.
  • Assisted the Board in developing personnel policies and procedures.
  • Established priorities, policies and procedures for the acquisition, management and disposition of properties.
  • Issued an RFQ for title services.
  • Developed a draft RFQ for property management and systems to organize and manage properties under its control.
  • Developed draft policies and procedures for contracting and procurement.
  • Negotiated NSP1 contract with the city of Detroit Planning and Development Department.
  • Assisted in Developing strategic plan for NSP1 funds
  • Coordinated the implementation of the NSP1 plan resulting in the obligation of $6.2 million in NSP1 Funds in less than 30 days
  • Performed due diligence review of potential transactions