Heritage Realty Services LLC

Land Bank Authority Subcontractor

Heritage served as a subcontractor on the project management team for the Wayne County Land Bank Authority, ($26 Million) and the city of Flint ($4.2 million) with responsibility for all aspects of the implementation of the NSP1 program.  The team successfully obligated 100% of the NSP funds under management.  Additional duties include:


  • Program design
  • Create program handbook
  • Assist sub recipients/developers in developing project scope and proforma
  • Procurement
  • Develop project tracking system
  • Coordinate sub recipient/developer acquisitions and insure compliance
  • Assist sub recipients/developers with bidding process
  • Assist sub recipient/developers in creating Section 3 compliance plan
  • Monitor Davis Bacon when required
  • Review requests for reimbursement
  • Monitor sub recipient/developer activities for performance, outcomes and affordability
  • Prepare performance measure reports for Client
  • Prepare financial and program reports for Client