Heritage Realty Services LLC

Our Guiding Principles

The Heritage Realty Services, LLC philosophy is to become a partner of the client serving as a supplement to existing staff.  This approach is not only cost-effective but enhances the client’s ability to achieve its goals.  We provide high quality services to meet client objectives in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Overview of Services

Heritage Realty Services, LLC is a full service real estate development consulting firm and is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Michigan.  Heritage provides services to for profit, non profit and governmental entities. The members of the firm are The Diggs Group, Inc. (DGI) and Douglass J. Diggs.  Diggs is the managing director and president/CEO of the respective companies.  Diggs uses his experience in the areas of business, real estate and economic development combined with his deep commitment to community service to provide quality, professional services to clients. 

Heritage provides private, for profit and nonprofit developers with consulting services in all aspects of the development process. Services provided include land acquisition, project feasibility, development budget preparation, project financing (public and private), entitlements and stakeholder outreach.  Heritage has handled over $13 million in real estate acquisitions, negotiated $38 million in development agreements and secured $15 million in project financing within the last 12 months.